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Animals: Consider the Oyster

Consider the Oyster. It’s shell and pearl have been made into jewelry, and it’s squishy insides eaten since antiquity. But there are so many other purposes for an oyster! For example, might I suggest you make the pulsating, slimy, squishy bits into jewelry instead? Eating the pearl and shell is not compulsory.

Anyway, if you did, it would look something like this.


OpenGL midterm: Regency 3D

What a weird time was the Regency! If Jane Austen is to believed, everyone was going at it like bunnies with only the occasional break for tea and biscuits.

Needless to say, the clothing was appropriately peacock-esque. For my midterm I have used OpenGL techniques to generate a number of Regency-like fabrics that could not fail to catch an eligible beau’s eye. Each was inspired by a real fabric example. I used different lighting and materials, geometries, multi-texturing, and proximity to the camera to get the various effects I wanted. And to make sure that each swatch stayed true to the spirit of cutthroat romantic rivalry, each is made solely out of a combination of the following four textures:

The final patchwork quilt of swatches can be found HERE

Just for kicks I have started applying some of these textures to a dress to see the final result. Unfortunately I don’t really have the technique down yet – This poor Regency lady will never bag an acceptable man of wealth and breeding. To be continued for the final.

Two views of an oyster

Oysters! They’re delicious and ugly and creepy and poisonous and pretty much symbolic to everyone about everything. Here are two views on an oyster – one monstrous, one cute. With an oyster, the divide is pretty clear.  Click for full suze.

The soft bits of an oyster are monstrous – a damp, smelly, possibly poisonous salty sludge, pulsating, living but unthinking, to slide down the throat raw….eek. It’s creepy just thinking about, for all that I love them with cocktail sauce.

But the hard bits of an oyster are beautiful and, dare I say it, cute! This is a child’s necklace. The idea is to feel all grown up and special like a big girl, but you can be sure her parent’s will not be thinking of the deep, briny origins of this adorability.

A meal of/for cow

Here it is! Full Presentation is here

OpenGL POV’s

After much drama, allow me to present some Open GL that messes around with point of views, visualizing some intersecting planes. This is rough start number 3…I”m hoping this clicks together soon ’cause this still is not the most intuitive thing. On the other hand, I’m getting the hang of eclipse. Source code here. Incidentally, the inspiration for this final version was Oscar’s code

Animal Symbols

Here are a couple visual examples of Toucans  in art!  Let’s explore how they’re portrayed, shall we?

Toucan Sam is a cultural object, in this case used for his “tropical” implications. In this case he is rendered as humerus and playful, and, at the same time he is given an Australian accent to accentuate his “exotic” connection.  The hope is that consumers will make the connection between brightly-colored birds, which are from topical locations, and fruit, which is from a tropical location.  To provide a second layer of connection t, he is given coloring on his beak that matches the loop shape of the cereal he represents

The toucan’s ability to fly and majestic form is the triggers for this tattoo.  The form is highly stylized to look majestic and serious, proper for a visual   incarnation as “Messenger of the gods”.  By showing the animal in profile, and only showing the most recognizable features, the tattoo keeps the sacred comfortably in the realm of symbolic and believable.  As Terry Pratchett says, “Seeing, contrary to popular wisdom, isn’t believing. It’s [Seeing is] where belief stops, because it isn’t needed any more.”

This elegant and playful peice represents a minimalist toucan.   The streamlined body is played up, as is the modernist colors.  While there is no cultural subtext obvious, the owner of a piece like this has an obvious point to make:  I am modern and have an up-to-date sensibility.  I have connections to an exotic local where perhaps I visit sometimes.  I am a little playful, since this isn’t the type of piece someone who was insecure in their social position would show off.

OpenGL Test

This here is just a little geometry test using openGL! You can download the java file here