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Future of infrastructure Outline

The trend I’m noticing – What are the driving forces (and why should we care about them)

There are currently severe cutbacks in print advertising. Subscriptions are still high, but it makes no difference – marketing budgets have simply gone elsewhere now that there are more effective options. Advertising and news, which may never have been the natural bedfellows we thought, are decoupled.

Possible scenarios or solutions

  1. Traditional news as we know it muddles through in a form similar to how it is right now

    • News sources successfully charge users for online content.
      What would be required: They would need to serve a specialize group of readers, or be specifically oriented toward finance. Also, there would need to be a way to not loose users when shielding their content behind a wall.

    • Print prices even out and manage to support the free online version (Aliens attack)

  2. Traditional media continues, but in a form greatly different from how it is right now

    • News sources move entirely online, sidestepping the costs associated with print .
      What would be required: News would need to dramatically lower their costs, even beyond printing. Top heavy management would also need to be cut. They will need to move to a new form of compensation model based on audience size and scope

    • News sources transform themselves through an alternate revenue stream to subsidies their news using newly developed products and customization, and their large store of user information to target readers.
      What would be required: News would need to dramatically lower their costs. Getting others to contribute content for free could help in this scenario. Also cutting top heavy management in news and replacing it with a more diverse management. News will need to partner with other complimentary companies to get the abilities which they lack

    • News sources become nonprofits, subsidized by large donors in the form of endowment, donations, taxes
      What would be required: There will need to be buy in from the public – The media company will need to support the idea of donation for the public good as a status symbol. There will need to be in place a model of complete transparency. An alternate revenue stream will be needed to make up for the loss of advertising.

  3. Print media as we know it disappears

    • Many small towns sink into low-level corruption without the benefit of a watchdog group

    • User-generated content, collated by freelance writers takes its place