OpenGL midterm: Regency 3D

What a weird time was the Regency! If Jane Austen is to believed, everyone was going at it like bunnies with only the occasional break for tea and biscuits.

Needless to say, the clothing was appropriately peacock-esque. For my midterm I have used OpenGL techniques to generate a number of Regency-like fabrics that could not fail to catch an eligible beau’s eye. Each was inspired by a real fabric example. I used different lighting and materials, geometries, multi-texturing, and proximity to the camera to get the various effects I wanted. And to make sure that each swatch stayed true to the spirit of cutthroat romantic rivalry, each is made solely out of a combination of the following four textures:

The final patchwork quilt of swatches can be found HERE

Just for kicks I have started applying some of these textures to a dress to see the final result. Unfortunately I don’t really have the technique down yet – This poor Regency lady will never bag an acceptable man of wealth and breeding. To be continued for the final.


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