Two views of an oyster

Oysters! They’re delicious and ugly and creepy and poisonous and pretty much symbolic to everyone about everything. Here are two views on an oyster – one monstrous, one cute. With an oyster, the divide is pretty clear.  Click for full suze.

The soft bits of an oyster are monstrous – a damp, smelly, possibly poisonous salty sludge, pulsating, living but unthinking, to slide down the throat raw….eek. It’s creepy just thinking about, for all that I love them with cocktail sauce.

But the hard bits of an oyster are beautiful and, dare I say it, cute! This is a child’s necklace. The idea is to feel all grown up and special like a big girl, but you can be sure her parent’s will not be thinking of the deep, briny origins of this adorability.


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