Data questions

Here are some complete, off the top of my head guesses about sme data:

Percentage of people who are “black” on the 1990 Census
35%, +-10

Total egg production in 1965 (number of eggs)
560 Million +_100 Million

Number of airline passengers killed in plane crashes in 1980 worldwide
300 +-100

Percentage of babies born in the US that are girls
50% +-1%

Percentage of entering college freshman whose probable field of study was physical sciences (1990)
8% +-10%

Number of people who watched the 1995 Super Bowl
50 Million +-20 Million

Number of native French speakers in Canada in 1992
10 Million +-5 Million

Number of babies born in the US in 1992
2 Million, +- 1 million

number of abortions in the US in 1992
1 million, +- 50 Thousand

median household income in the US in 1996
40,000, +-20 Thousand

And here are some ideas for data-related projects!

Compare an food bills from before and after NYC instituted the mandatory calorie labeling laws.

Use long-term savings numbers to chart off milestones in your life

How much do people pay in health insurance, vs. how many times a year someone sees a doctor.

Pick a social network and calculate the most common topics posted on.

What are the most searched for topics on a news site, and what are the most reported on topics.

Use output from itunes, Pandora, music folder dates, or other music listening site to tabulate your moods.

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